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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Future Mayor of Sin

So I decided to do it.  I've taken the next step towards world domination (kidding).  I've decided to further help my favorite place and run for mayor of Hard Alley.  Elections are to be held on Feb 19th and I think my press release says it all........

Since the day I landed in Hard Alley, I have dedicated my time and my heart to making it a great place for all your sick and twisted needs.  It's one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had in my 5 years of Second Life and having the chance to be mayor of my favorite place will be a dream come true.

More sim wide events, sim wide hunts and other novelties will be only the start to making Hard Alley everything you have ever wanted and more in a forced fantasy sim. 

I have a dedicated team of assistants willing to provide awesome new ideas and give some of our eager visitors some deserving attention.

And for the guys, you're looking at the woman who has close to 100 willing and eager strippers who just love a good time.

What else could you ask for?

This February 19th, vote for class.  Vote for innovation.  Vote for Trixianna Saenz for Mayor of Hard Alley

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Looking for hot, sexy males

Are you tall, dark, handsome, drop dead sexy?  Do you love to grind and strut your stuff for those sexy females and want go get some cash while you're at it?  Then you're in luck.  Hardcore is in the process of organizing its next Ladies' Night and YOU could be part of the action during this 3 hour + event.  Our past two shows have been off the chart successful and our third is sure to follow, if not be even better.

Applications for dancers are in the entrance to the club or you could contact me directly in-world. 

We also hope to have our first official date auction that night.  3 of our sexy guys will have the chance to take 3 sexy ladies on a date where only they will decide what happens.  More info later on.

Kisses my lovies.  Have a great weekend!

DJ Roster as of 1/7/11

Here's our updated roster of our kickass DJ's.  Each one has a style all their own, check them out!

Sunday - DJ Amethyst
Monday - DJ Ryann
Tuesday - DJ Amykins
Wednesday - DJ Calvin
Thursday - DJ Amykins
Friday - DJ Asphy
Saturday - DJ Asphy

Also come and enjoy our off shift DJ's, playing at random times during the week.
DJ Suff
DJ Koss
DJ Trix
DJ Tempest
DJ Mora
DJ Megzi