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Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Time......

It's been a wonderful journey.  I've laughed as well as cried, and I've made many friends along the way.  But as RL takes its path, so must the adjustments to my SL.

I've talked to Hard and have decided to resign as Hard Core Manager.  I will still be employed in the club to help out however I can and will continue to be Hard Alley's Hard Core Mistress.  It's just that my online time has had to go down a lot and I do not feel I can devote the amount of time needed to manage the club.

I love you all and hope to see you around HA soon.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm heeeeeeere!

Yes my lovies, I'm still here.  I know some out there have thought and are hoping that I've left SL but alas, it will take a lot to keep me away from my family inworld.

The arrival of Ayrx Tempest (My Pookah, SL partner and now rl soulmate) into my RL has been an amazing experience and I can say that you CAN make successful relationships out of the internet.

Ayrx and I will be on a little hiatus from inworld activities but we will be around more often come June.

Thank you everyone who has supported us over the past year.  We love you all.

Big hugs and gropes,
Trixianna Saenz
Nina Tempest