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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New clothes :)

Been taking advantage of some deals from Grenade Free Wednesdays, The Boobie Show, The Forgotten Closet and some other places I’ve found wandering lately.
.tsg. Too Tiny Sweater - Aztec
[J’adore] Plain Skinny Jeans Grey

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HYIS2 Prizes!

Please note I only posted clothing and accessory prizes with the exception of Prime since I just loved the chair with the dancing anims on it and used it to pose for the pic.

For the full list of stores and hints click here!

Monday, November 12, 2012

HYIS Preview!

I was overjoyed to get home today and find not one, but two gifties from two of our great designers in this season's HYIS, Kennedy Gearz of Kennedy's and Tara Asamoah of Pink Sugah!  As always they've outdone themselves.  Thanx girls!  
And get your comfy hunting stilettos on girls, the hunt starts in 3 days!
First up are these super shiny Gemmed Anal Plugs by Kennedy's.  The hunt gift includes 15 colors!  I love Teal best.  It matches my eyes *winks*
Pink Sugah was awesome enough to send me her hunt giftie to show everyone.
This is Rapture, a very short, VERY revealing black dress.
As you can see, it comes with breast appliers that leaves very little to the imagination (Just the way we like it!)
The ass and front bits are left open for the world to see as well.
Happy hunting!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Make it Count

Seven years.

Seven years in Second Life as of this past August.

The first two were dedicated solely to combat and making everyone's lives a living hell (and damn proud of it too!)

The next two brought me into the glorious world of exotic dancing, DJ'ing and yes, even escorting.

The final three were dedicated to what I considered my home, the only reason to stay in Second Life and devote my all.

The day I landed in Hard Alley could be considered fate.  I met the man who became my boss and in time became a father to me.  I met and grew to love those who are now my family.  And above everything else, I met my real life soul mate of now two years.

Losing the greatest job I ever had in both worlds was heartbreaking yes, but as in all businesses, changes need to be made to keep the business moving and fruitful.

After countless messages of support and concern from my girls (yes you are all still mine, even if only in heart), I have finally decided to speak, at least here, and make things clear.

I did not quit.

I was respectfully removed from my position as Hard Core manager and Hard Alley estate manager.  I fully understand Hard's decision as much as it pains me, but being in his position in the past I know the mind of a business owner and the need to do things, even painful ones, to keep the company afloat.

Hard has been and continues to be one of my very best friends, a man who has seen me in every single emotional aspect imaginable and knows the methods to my own madness very well.

What does this mean for me?

As many know, I am in the process of moving.  But, I will also be very freed up in the matter of time very soon.  With all the experience I have in the entertainment business (both PG and adult) I know that I will be up and working again somewhere in no time.

With the erotic industry growing to such epic proportions I have also decided to dabble in it again, a seasoned vet looking to mix among the young ones and try to take my place again.

I also hope to start DJ'ing again.  I miss the industrial scene and will be looking to plant my roots again as the Queen of the Fetish Ball, your Hard Core Mistress.

I love you all so much.  These past years have been so full of every emotion possible.  It's been one hell of a ride and I never want to get off.

Keep your heads up my lovies.  I'm not going anywhere.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where one story ends.....

.....Another begins.

times are changing and so must I.  I will not say much at this moment.  The wounds are still sore.  But I will be revamping everything that can be revamped.

But know this.  I am still Ms. Hardcore.  Always have been, always will.