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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bazookas Releases for Bewbapalooza

Bazookas has released two new outfits for the next round of Bewbapalooza, starting tomorrow Feb 1st.

White and Tight is a super cute, super sexy and revealing outfit, perfect for stage dancing and private ones as well. *winks*  The bottom half has three options (full thong, fishnet and stocking pants layer shown)


Second is Lacey and Racey, leaving very little to the imagination, it just barely covers what needs to be, or maybe just to tease your partner enough to make him drool just a little bit longer.

Both outfits are available from Feb 1st at the Bewbapalooza Boutique

Avalanche of Sugar Releases

Miss Sugar Falta of Sugar Mesh Apparel has really been busy this past week and being the loyal, loving and brown nosing friend I am, I'm here to show you just what's on sale now!

First up is Voltaire, a very revealing bikini top in a whopping 24 DESIGN selection!
Depending on how you position your boobies, you could go demure or as I am, very showy.
I love showy!

Next up are the Side Lacing Underbust Corsets.
13 detailed designs to fit any style and mood.
And one thing I love is that I can wear my implants and be my busty self!
(as shown in center of pic)

Last up are the Panel Underbust Corsets.
12 traditional back laced corsets that can also be used with breast implants (as shown in center)

You can find these and many more great designs at the Sugar Mainstore

And for those who have been asking about all of my work, just check out my Flickr Photostream
It's naughty so enter at your own risk.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Store Alert! New Store Alert!

Hello again my lovelies!  
I was sooooooo excited to see that a very dear friend of mine has added to her already growing empire.  Dark Muse and Nocturna Urban Designs are legendary in the goth community for everything from furniture, coffins, houses, clothing and skins.  
Now to add to the already vast empire, my dear friend has started a line of very sexy and gothy all mesh clothing.
The moment I stepped into Sugar I was drooling my ass off and dry humping its owner in IM's to the point where I think I've earned myself either a restraining order or a marriage proposal.  Either way, all I can say is, I'm in love!
First is the French Dress in the Rose Skully pattern.  Clingy, clingy, clingy, and very low cut in the back. RAWR!
Next up is the Bettie Girl dress in the Black Glitter Fishnet pattern.  As people close to me know, I lurrrrrve black stuffs and this is just the perfect blend of gothy and sexy.
You can find these and many other yummy outfits here at the Sugar mainstore.
Sugar!  <--------Click!
I'll be adding yet ANOTHER store to my resume (I've been busy).  Bazookas is joining my wardrobe starting tomorrow.
Time to go pass out now.  Need to shake this cold off somehow.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pink Sugah Exclusive Releases for January 2013

Tara is, as always, a busy bee, making some of the cutest and sexiest outfits in SL.
This week, I'm showing off her contribution to the I Love SL Fashion Boutique and the upcoming Hello Titty Hunt which starts on January 15th.
Valerie is available in two packs of two color schemes at the I Love SL Fashion Boutique.  At $75L a pack, it's a steal.
I found this one to be fun and sexy at the same time.  This is Tara's contribution to the Hello Titty Hunt, which starts on January 15th.  Cute half top and mesh jeans (That fit me perfectly!)  LOVE IT!