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Friday, December 10, 2010

DJ Roster

Here's our revised DJ Schedule as of Dec. 10, 2010

Sunday - DJ Amethyst
Monday - DJ Ryann
Tuesday - DJ Amykins
Wednesday - DJ Cal
Thursday - DJ Amykins
Friday - DJ Trix
Saturday - DJ Asphy

With this we now have a full week of kickass tunes to listen to and hot girls on stage to keep your eyes busy while you dance.  This is Hard Core and we're bringing it to you Hard and raw!


  1. Did I forget to mention these kickass DJ's are coming to you live at 7PM SLT? Dammit I did. Oh well, now you know!

  2. Hot sexy DJs! Well, except for Calvin and Ryann... I need to start giving slut prizes away again, too.