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Sunday, May 26, 2013


There is an amazing group in SL supporting marriage equality.

I remember Stand4Love's campaign last year and I made sure this year I was part of it.

As many know, I share a very special kind of love between my husband Max (Ayrx Tempest) and my wife/best friend Morgy (SufferingFrom Lockjaw).

The comprehension and pure love from Max to know and understand my heart well enough to let Suff into our lives has made me love and respect him even more than he could possibly understand.

Love cannot have boundaries, my heart will not be forced to love who others think appropriate.

I stand for love because love is the only pure thing we have in this world.  It cannot be corrupted and it will never die.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Going Bust May 23-27

The designers over at Cleavage have been really busy this week and have sent out some amazing designs to show you 2 days early!

Here's what I have so far, available to the public on Thursday!




Jelly *Outfit of the week!*


Pink Sugah


On a side note, as of May 30th I'll be on US soil again so I don't know with what frequency I'll be posting until I can settle in to my new home.

Much love <3

Saturday, May 11, 2013

These Hands.....

These hands hold my triumphs and failures, my joys and sadness.  

They helped me hang on and withstand the tough times, as they helped stand me up when I've fallen.

They've held the hands of my children the day they were born, and let them go the day they walked.

They know kindness as well as cruelty, peace as well as violence.

They hold the hand of the man and woman I love and cherish each minute they have with them.

In five days these hands will have seen 38 years of amazing things, and all of them, although some tragic, are remembered and rejoiced, for without those things, these hands would not exist.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bruised knees, transatlantic travel, a horny demon and new fashion, who could ask for more?

This has been an ultra hectic week.

Those who know me well know that I have a hate/hate relationship with the ground.  Since I was a child, I've had to deal with scraped elbows and knees, dislocated knees, sprained ankles and so on and so forth.

I LOVE Camden, a little town in London, the mecca for the goth community here.
I'm there once, twice a week and it's really grown on me.  So much so, that it's decided to love on me as well as last night it decided to trip me on my way to the train station, making me land on both of my knees, scraping and bruising them.

The funny side to this? Yes, there is one.  The whole of High Street got to see my ass.  Leave it to me to fall forward while wearing a mini skirt.

With all of this, I can say one thing.  For those that live in the UK, if you need to buy tights, you HAVE to get the ones at Asda.  It's their store brand, but make sure they're 80 Denier, their best thread count.  Unfortunately I threw out the packaging to give you the exact info, but Max has promised to get me another set next week so I will post pics when I get them.

With dirt and crap from the sidewalk embedding themselves into my knees, the tights DID NOT break.  At all.  It's like they disintegrated right before the fall then reappeared after I yelled out like a loony.

On another sad note, at the end of the month I will be moving back to NY.  My visa situation didn't work out so on the 30th I'll be saying goodbye to my beloved UK and heading back to the calm quietness that is upstate NY.
I don't want to go, I really don't.  I have to leave Max behind and go back to the US alone, and it depresses me.  My body is stressed out beyond comprehension and as each day goes by the urge to break down and scream my lungs out gets stronger.

But, as my old boss once said, sometimes you just have to put on your big girl pants and get things done.  We hated hearing it at work, but it does make sense.  Crying will get me nothing but puffy eyes and it won't help Max either. The man is just as stressed as I am at this point.

With all of this, I have to say, my friends in both the cyber and real world
have really stepped up to the plate.  With all the support I've received, I cannot say that I am not loved.
I love my man
And my Anna Banana
And my wife
And this dude
Which brings me to the last part of today's post.  


While working on this round of Going Bust photos I was visited by my own little demon child.
Vasile has been a big part of my life for quite some years now and even through his incessant whining and obsession with mine and everyone else's legs, I know he loves me, that's why he's with me today in my photo shoot.

The designers on the Cleavage sim have really been busy this round, my inventory was bombarded with new fashions to wear.

Here's my top picks this round.

 Pink Sugah
 Rack City
 Sick Puppy

You only have until Monday to get these exclusives at an extra special price only at the Cleavage sim, SL's premiere sim for everything booberific!

And remember, when life throws you lemons, ask "Where the fuck is the rum bitch?!"

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Holiday Recap and New Releases!

I'm back from my little holiday with my hunny bunny in beautiful Cornwall.

Here's some pics!

Me and my hubby

St. Mawes

St. Ives

St. Just Church Graveyard (For the goth in me)

Our breakfast buddy Bob the swan

Falmouth Harbour from our balcony.

It was an amazing 4 days of rest and sightseeing that we desperately needed.  I didn't want to go back to London.

Now for the nitty gritty........

I got back from my holiday with a ton of new outfits to try out and here are my top picks!

First off from Kennedy's.....


Slut ***Outfit of the week!***

Pink Sugah has two special releases.....
Colour Explosion Hunt gift!

Hello Titty Tuesday Item Lightning Bolt in Blue Leo

 And to end our night, two brand new designs from Sugar Mesh Apparel
Sugar's Bondage Corset Dress

Guardian Corset, gloves and collar set.

I am so proud of my friends Tara, Kennedy and Muse.  Their designs inspire my own and they always keep me looking my best.

You can find these and many other amazing designs at the Pink Sugah, Kennedy's and Sugar mainstores!