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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Looking for hot, sexy males

Are you tall, dark, handsome, drop dead sexy?  Do you love to grind and strut your stuff for those sexy females and want go get some cash while you're at it?  Then you're in luck.  Hardcore is in the process of organizing its next Ladies' Night and YOU could be part of the action during this 3 hour + event.  Our past two shows have been off the chart successful and our third is sure to follow, if not be even better.

Applications for dancers are in the entrance to the club or you could contact me directly in-world. 

We also hope to have our first official date auction that night.  3 of our sexy guys will have the chance to take 3 sexy ladies on a date where only they will decide what happens.  More info later on.

Kisses my lovies.  Have a great weekend!

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