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Friday, February 4, 2011

DJ Roster 2/4/11

Here's the updated DJ Roster for ya.  Enjoy!

All of our regularly scheduled shows run from 8 to 10PM SLT.  Check our schedule board inside the club to keep updated!

Sunday - DJ Faran
Monday - DJ Himalaya
Tuesday - DJ Amykins
Wednesday - DJ Amethyst
Thursday - DJ Amykins
Friday - Special Event DJ
Saturday - DJ Asphy

Don't forget, we also have an awesome group of DJ's who play at random hours of the day.  So check your club group notices regularly.

DJ Megzi
DJ Mora
DJ Ryann
DJ Cal
DJ Koss
DJ Trixi

Awesome tunes and sexy dancers on stage, there's always something going on at Hard Core.

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