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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nina's Super Duper Mega Long Post of Fashion Numminess and Stuffs

So I haven't be around the past few days (RL is really starting to get in the way, teehee).
When I get back I'm overloaded with new clothing to try out and new designs floating in my pretty little head.

But before we go any further, here's a little perviness to get the blood flowing.

With that out of the way, time for what we all came to look at, NEW STUFF!

Be patient, this is a long post. :)

First off, here's my outfit of the week, with notes.

Top to bottom:

Hair w/ hat: eXxEsS Hair : Glycerine in red

Facial piercing: Creatives : inch (no longer available anywhere)

Posture Collar: (red)Mint: No.3

Kawaii Dress: Black Deer by Ellowyn Diabolito (little note here as my long time and dear friend Ello hasn't made a store, contact her and offer to buy her stuff!)

Bracelets, rings and nails: Mandala: Sinra 2 in Samurai Black

Boots: Kennedy's: Dare in red *NEW RELEASE*

Now for this weeks special event, Going Bust!

The Cleavage sim's special bi-weekly event that runs now until Monday featuring some of SL's top Boobie-friendly designers on SL's premier Boobie-friendly sim.

Here's my picks from this round.....

Carrie's Lingerie



Twisted Finials


.wound and Erotipose (Give it to me pose)



Tomorrow I hope to post Erotipose's new releases.  Not because the owner is my wife, but I truly love them. *winks*

And don't forget, my store is live on the Marketplace.  Purchasing my products not only puts money in my pixel wallet, but also provides the funds to keep you up to date with the newest gear and get my full website up and running.  It's a win/win people!

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