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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Avalanche of Sugar Releases

Miss Sugar Falta of Sugar Mesh Apparel has really been busy this past week and being the loyal, loving and brown nosing friend I am, I'm here to show you just what's on sale now!

First up is Voltaire, a very revealing bikini top in a whopping 24 DESIGN selection!
Depending on how you position your boobies, you could go demure or as I am, very showy.
I love showy!

Next up are the Side Lacing Underbust Corsets.
13 detailed designs to fit any style and mood.
And one thing I love is that I can wear my implants and be my busty self!
(as shown in center of pic)

Last up are the Panel Underbust Corsets.
12 traditional back laced corsets that can also be used with breast implants (as shown in center)

You can find these and many more great designs at the Sugar Mainstore

And for those who have been asking about all of my work, just check out my Flickr Photostream
It's naughty so enter at your own risk.

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