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Monday, February 4, 2013

Pink Sugah Special Event Releases

Tara of Pink Sugah has been uber busy again, releasing and re-releasing some sexy outfits at great reduced prices!

First up is the prize for the Mon Amour Hunt, going on now!  A cute little pink and white mesh dress perfect for a lazy day at home or cuddled up with your hunny bunny.

Next up is for the Prerelease Boutique.
Lovefool is a cute little two-piece which I will be using shortly for nighttime hot tub Greedy games with the guys!

Also for Prerelease is another color set to the Midnight dress collection.  Red and black combos, just the ones I was missing!  Another reason to love Tara. *grins*

Next up is the Boobies Planet Boutique.  Re-releases of three of Pink Sugah's best sellers, at a super low price!

Shown above, (S)aint Glitzy Rainbow

Hello Sailor in Red, White & Blue

And Savannah Blues

Be sure to check these and many other sexy designs at the mainstore and the boutiques!

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