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Sunday, October 31, 2010

.....Happily Ever After

This past Friday, October 29, 2010 Hard Alley Security Staff member and my best friend and love, Ayrx Tempest and I tied the knot in a traditional Handfasting ceremony on our land with our closest friends and family.
We laughed and we cried as we shared vows and swore eternal love and union.
But the best words that can be used to express the emotions of the groom can be described by the notecard I received seconds before the ceremony started all thanks to my boss and friend Hard.  *winks*

Pre-Wedding Banter
Transcript prepared by Hard Rust

I thought you might get a laugh out of all this. :)
Hard Rust: Hey Kids
Ayrx Tempest: Hard!
Donovan OHanlon: Hard
Donovan OHanlon: woot!
Takashi Alekseev: Hi Hard
Hard Rust: Nervous yet?
Ayrx Tempest: Great to see you :)
Hard Rust: Hey Taka. Hi Don
Ayrx Tempest: Shitting bricks the size of Godzilla on steriods
Donovan OHanlon: I'm so glad you were able to come.
Hard Rust: me too
Ayrx Tempest: lol
Donovan OHanlon: hands Ayrxy a cocktail.....pours one for Hard and Taka
Hard Rust: I told Trix I was going to come down here and try to get you so nervous you would wet your pants and throw up
Donovan OHanlon: LOLOLOL
Ayrx Tempest: LOLOL
Ayrx Tempest: Damn you!
Hard Rust: Has Donovan talked to you yet about the birds and the bees and what your bride will expect from you on your wedding night?
Donovan OHanlon: listen Ayrx
Ayrx Tempest: Not as of yet
Ayrx Tempest: :P
Hard Rust hands Ayrx some Extenze
Donovan OHanlon: the grooms do da.....goes into the briede do hicky.....a lot
Ayrx Tempest: LOL
Donovan OHanlon: LOL
Takashi Alekseev: "Fangs on the wang"?
Donovan OHanlon: LOL
Ayrx Tempest: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
Hard Rust: hell just put you do da in any place the bride will let you
Donovan OHanlon: I can tell this is gonna be fun
Donovan OHanlon: I like Hard's idea
Ayrx Tempest: We discussed actually doing this naked and having ritualistic sex on the alter infront of everyone.
Donovan OHanlon: I vote for that
Donovan OHanlon: very pagan
Donovan OHanlon: lol
Takashi Alekseev: I gotta keep my shoes on
Hard Rust: sounds like your average night at Hard Core
Donovan OHanlon: exactly
Donovan OHanlon: god I love that place
Hard Rust: take your socks off but leave your shoes on, Taka?
Ayrx Tempest: Indeed
Donovan OHanlon: laughs
Ayrx Tempest: lol
Hard Rust: Taka your fly is open
Takashi Alekseev: "easy access", Hard
Hard Rust: lol okay just checking to see if you had me muted
Hard Rust: lol
Takashi Alekseev: lol
Hard Rust: you know... we have enough time to change all this out for a disco theme
Ayrx Tempest: LOL
Takashi Alekseev has his afro at the ready
Ayrx Tempest: You just want to use those terrible dances you have Hard :P
Donovan OHanlon: lol
Hard Rust: those are classic
Donovan OHanlon: Hard just wants to see me in my polyester nut huggers
Ayrx Tempest: Yea...to the 1970's
Hard Rust: they'll be back in style some day
Donovan OHanlon: that's why I never got rid of them
Donovan OHanlon: I must have paid at least 30 bucks for those back in the day
Hard Rust: remember... the answer is "I do!" not, "Can I think about this some more?" or "Who? Me?"
Donovan OHanlon: lol
Ayrx Tempest: LOL
Ayrx Tempest: Or....what?...ohhh...you talking to me?
Hard Rust: my first two in game marriages lasted 5 days each. the third lasted 2 years, which was 1 year 360 days too long.
Donovan OHanlon: LOLOLOL
Donovan OHanlon: you've been a busy man Hard
Takashi Alekseev sticks to marrying giant turkeys
Donovan OHanlon: lmao
Hard Rust: lol how is the Mrs, Taka? Its close to Thanksgiving....
Takashi Alekseev: I know....I'm eating for all she's worth...
Hard Rust: you know, 4 years ago, the sight of a giant Turkey in the Alley would have shocked me.
Hard Rust: but compared to stuff I've seen Taka do...
Takashi Alekseev: Now, you just check to see whether I'm on the land..."Oh, it's Taka again"
Hard Rust: lol
Ayrx Tempest: Back
Donovan OHanlon: wb brother
Ayrx Tempest: ty
Hard Rust: wb
Ayrx Tempest: ty
Hard Rust: brb getting a drink
Ayrx Tempest: Twitchyer than a straight man in a gaybar here >.>
Donovan OHanlon: face palms
Ayrx Tempest: XD
Donovan OHanlon: that's pretty twitchey
Ayrx Tempest: Aye
Hard Rust: back
Ayrx Tempest: wb
Donovan OHanlon: wb Hard
Hard Rust: ty
Ayrx Tempest: Booze?
Donovan OHanlon: hands Ayrx a shot of Jim Beam straight up
Ayrx Tempest sips it slowly
Ayrx Tempest: Careful on the strong stuff...likely to just jump to the honeymoon sex..
Hard Rust: that was the liquour bottle? I thought it was here because there is no bathroom??
Ayrx Tempest: !
Ayrx Tempest coughs
Hard Rust: I wouldnt kiss Trix until you've had some mouthwash
Ayrx Tempest: Hard...we are in a bloody Forrest!
Ayrx Tempest: Piss on a Tree!
Hard Rust: I'm a city kid! we use bottles!
Donovan OHanlon: LOL
Ayrx Tempest: LOL
Donovan OHanlon: just dont' forget to ditch it when you're done.......don't leave it in your car
Hard Rust: yeah urine stinks up a car something terrible
Ayrx Tempest barfs
Hard Rust: Just think, tonight you'll be Mr. Trixianna Saenz!
Ayrx Tempest: LOL
Donovan OHanlon: bbbaahhhhhhhhh
Donovan OHanlon: omg Rust!
Ayrx Tempest: Just don't try and hump me thinking it's Trix...
Donovan OHanlon: face palms dying over here
Hard Rust: hey, when its dark I make no promises
Ayrx Tempest gets a cork
Takashi Alekseev: "Trixi, did you know Ayrx has softer hands than you do?"
Ayrx Tempest: LOL
Hard Rust: Trix already has something for that. Its long, black and plastic, and she's wearing it under her wedding dress as a surprise
Ayrx Tempest cringes
Takashi Alekseev clenches too. Nobody is safe
Donovan OHanlon: I want video
Hard Rust: lol
Ayrx Tempest: lolol
Donovan OHanlon: this cloak is so thick...I think I'm safe
Ayrx Tempest: Mind you Hard...I've seen Candace's new toy...having fun are you two?
Donovan OHanlon: she nearly got me with that thing the other night
Hard Rust: I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about
Hard Rust rubs his ass
Ayrx Tempest: lol


  1. It was a wonderful wedding. Donovan did a great job with the ceremony. And the bride was beautiful. :)

  2. Thank you Hard! I still cry when I read over the transcripts.