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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Losing a limb

He was pole dancing with a crucifix strapped on to his back while wearing a suit the day I met him.  He has been my food cohort, sinful song spinner, mayor and all out one of my best friends since I set foot in the Alley over a year ago.  Takashi Alekseev has always been there for me as I hope I was there for him whenever he needed me.  Not having him as one of my top DJ's is a loss that the Alley and myself will and already greatly miss.

Yesterday I was faced with the hard truth that Tak has decided to leave the Hard Core roster, the reasons I have no knowledge of.  I feel like I've just lost a vital part, not only of the club, but of myself.

No one will be able to fill your shoes babe.  Those heels are too difficult to wear.

Love you Tak.....

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  1. Taka was unique and always made things interesting. There are too few people like him in SL. He will be missed.