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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hard Alley's First Live Music Event! Elysum Live!

     Come listen to Elysum. two brothers who are sure to "Rock The Sim"
Lorel Bravin, the lead singer is soulful and bluesy at times and soft and
mellow are other times. It's been said his gravely voice has given
people shivers. Elys Mistwalker plays with precision, but can freestyle
and rip with the best.
    Their musical influences are varied but lean toward rock and alternative.
They cover songs from Pink Floyd to Seether to Alice in Chains. Covering
such songs as "Heart Shaped Box" by "Nirvana", "Wish You Were Here" by
"Pink Floyd"  and "Outside" by "Stain'd"
           Lorel Bravin is a true front man who likes to talk to the crowd and
have a good time in between songs. With years of musical experience the
brothers are hard to beat for raw musicality. Rock Alternative and
Classic Tunage.


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